New Hope Business Group

Kenya Works partners with womens groups throughout Kenya. After the death of a husband, women are many time left vulnerable and open to exploitation. New Hope Widows Group (NHWG) was formed to allow members to face problems and opportunities as a part of a group rather than individually, building on their shared social status, in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya. 

In April 2012, the women of NHWG received their microfinance loans from seven generous Kenya Works donors and today:

  • All 17 women are able to feed their children at least two meals / day for the first time
  • All 17 women are able to pay their children’s school fees
  • Of all the 17, 6 are struggling in business but committed to finding a better was for their families
  • Of the 11 more successful, 7 have managed to buy goats, sheep, chickens in addition to reinvesting in their businesses

In 2013, the group registered their self help group with the new name, New Hope Business Group (NHBG) which includes 20 active members. Their Saving and Internal Business Group (SILC) elected new leadership in late 2013, ushering in a new commitment for debt repayment, solving group issues together as well as outreach to potential county development programs. The future looks good for NHBG and Kenya Works Project Coordinator, Cosmas Ochieng, continues to help facilitate their growth and development opportunities. The New Hope Business Group (NHBG) is one of many women's groups Kenya we are partnering with in Kenya.