REEP (Rural Education and Economic Enhancement Program) is Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in Butula, Kenya. Mary Makokha founded REEP to spearhead the fight against HIV/AIDS and human right issues for change and works to prevent child marriage and helps those already caught in the cultural tradition. REEP also provides classes on teenage parenting, child-headed families, step parenting and HIV/AIDS testing and education. It works to break the cycle of violence and abuse.

We have made the trip twice to Butula to learn the work REEP does in advocacy for children and women’s abuse issues. Mary continues to lobby for human rights and is a voice for the unspoken, women, children and men alike. Mary has agreed to travel to Ongata Rongai, Kenya to lead a workshop for parents and school staff in abuse and awareness prevention in February, 2014. Kenya Works believes in her message of survival, empowerment and future.