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We've provided daily meals for 3700 & full sponsorship for over 350 school children


We are funding & partnering with 3 Kenyan community centers to create paths out of urban poverty

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Two out of every three Kenyan women and girls do not have access to safe, affordable Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) products--an unthinkable obstacle for those who never had to put life on hold because of menstrual cycles.

Problems grow increasingly as girls miss school, turn to unhygienic solutions and even transactional sex to gain access to this basic necessity. Psycho-social issues stem from lack of education and support structures and products for adolescent girls.

To answer both the product and psycho-social needs, Kenya Works introduced the Makini Pad Initiative--a social enterprise that provides high-quality, reusable, eco-friendly products to girls in need, built around a curriculum of puberty education and empowerment training.

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