Information Communication & Technology Center

In rural Homa Bay County, Kenya, where the future ICT center will be, exist 12 secondary schools, 23 primary schools, more than 10,000 students and 0 computers. In response to this great need, Kenya Works has partnered with Moriah Resource Centre (MOREC) to bring the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program to Homa Bay County. While ICT implementation is a major effort of the Kenyan government, there has been little penetration into rural communities. Through our partnership with MOREC, we will connect the students and community members to the vast resources of the Internet, bringing ideas and perspectives to the people of Homa Bay from far beyond their immediate environment.

The goals of this initiative are to improve ICT literacy of teachers and students, to provide training to unemployed youth and adults, and to build the ICT capacity of the region by creating a hub for computer and communication services. ICT is an essential instrument for economic growth and a prerequisite for active engagement in the modernization of our world. Together, we will shrink the educational gaps that remain between rural and urban Kenya as we bring ICT to the communities that need it most.