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Lucy’s Story: Saying NO to FGM & Bringing Others Along

Every year we ask out team to share a story for our end-of-year campaign to shed light on the pressing issues they are tackling on the ground in Kenya. These stories illustrate the challenges of poverty—inequality, violence against women and insecurity in terms of food, shelter and education. As we approach our 20th year of building opportunities in Kenya, we are witnessing a new generation of empowered youth who have overcome barriers. And, now they are working to empower others. We’re excited to introduce you to one such young woman, Lucy Chaca. Lucy was the first girl in her family to defy the deeply seated practice of subjecting girls to female genital mutilation. She would not drop out of school, and so became the first girl in her family to graduate from high school. She isn’t stopping there. She is also inspiring and empowering others to follow her lead.


Kenya Works is committed to being there for every girl at risk of female genital mutilation.

You make it possible. Join the campaign to #EndFGM!

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