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Founding Story

Inspired by the framework of the UN Millenium Goals, Kenya Works was started in 2004 by Mary Gerritts Stusek to help alleviate the burden of one million new school students in Kenya with the introduction of Free Primary Education.


It soon became apparent that educating children was only part of the solution. Vocational training for adults was also important. With these two goals in place, Kenya School Project became Kenya Works in 2008.


From day one, Kenya Works has prided itself on using over 95% of donations for projects in Kenya. Kenya Works continues to collaborate with Kenyan communities to enhance self-sufficiency and reduce poverty within Kenya. We work to increase opportunities in education, financial literacy, and social support by working actively and directly with individuals, groups and communities across Kenya.

While a US based non-profit, we have deep connections through our 13 year history. We are listening to the communities and finding ways to work with partners for positive, empowering change along with the Kenya Works team. We look forward to the future as we continue to partner with communities to expand opportunities for the people of Kenya.

Our Vision

Bringing opportunity with dignity to the people of Kenya.

Our Mission

Kenya Works taps into the power of community to create lasting, dignity-building opportunities for impoverished women and children in Kenya. 


A US-based nonprofit, we partner with Kenyan communities to help individuals rise up from poverty and tackle key human rights issues. 

Our Programs

Our core programs address period poverty; gender equity and human rights; education; and long-term partnerships with Kenyan community-based organizations. Our donors are deeply connected within this borderless community as well.

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