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MHH Works
A Confident Girl,
A Brighter Future
No girl should lose her power because of her period.


A recent study confirms that Kenya’s most vulnerable girls still don’t have access to safe, hygienic menstrual products. And as a result, they often face risks to their health, well-being and self esteem.

The Kenya Works Menstrual Health & Hygiene (MHH) Pillar focuses on the core needs of Kenya girls facing period poverty with core components of product and education. Additionally, we bring in boys as allies with Boxers for Boys. Our amazing Makini Pads are made locally in Kenya, are environmentally friendly reusable pad kits.

Let’s get periods out of her way, and arm her with the confidence and knowledge to create  the future she was made for.








Kenya Works Reusable Pad Kits
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A Social Good Solution
For a Full Cycle of Empowerment

The Kenya Works Makini Pad Initiative addresses menstruation management with an eco-friendly, reusable sanitary pad made of high-performance, super-soft, ultra-absorbent fabric that is both discreet and reliable.

Combined with puberty, self-esteem and health education, the Makini Initiative also arms girls with the power of information.

To complete the full cycle of empowerment, the products are made in Kenya, providing a sustainable income source for our women-staffed production team. The team advances opportunities for girls, and employment allows them to provide for their families.

Mapping Impact

Every year Kenya Works is producing and distributing 25,000 Makini Pads kits and empowerment curriculum to school groups throughout the country. 


More help is needed, as the majority of Kenyan girls still do not have access to reliable sanitary care. 

Become a Partner Organization

At Kenya Works, we founded the Makini Pad Initiative because we know that Menstrual Hygiene Management for girls in developing nations is a critical, high-impact strategy for meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

By working together, your organization can help bring this market-leading social enterprise to more women and girls with a product that is proven effective by girls throughout Kenya. The pad kits are designed for developing nations where sanitary facilities are not always available, and with an environmental approach of eliminating litter caused by lesser quality disposable products. And, every order expands employment opportunities for the Kenyans who produce and distribute our product.

Our production facility is located on the VICODEC campus near Nairobi, Kenya. We are able to quickly scale and produce large orders, as well as organize customized distributions depending on your target recipient location.


We are experienced in partnering with government, civic and NGO groups, and welcome the opportunity to learn more about partnering with you.

Direct inquiries to:

Caroline Wanjiru Gitau
Kenya Works Project Coordinator

+ 254 768 755781

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