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The Path From Poverty is Built on Education.
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Nearly 60 percent of Kenyan school aged children do not complete their basic education. Obstacles include the cost of school fees, uniforms and supplies; lack of school buildings in remote regions, and the lack of nourishment that is still far too prevalent across the country.


Because education is a foundational element for eliminating poverty, and too many of these needs are still unmet, Kenya Works creates educational opportunities through sponsorshipsbuilding and infrastructure projects and nutritional support.


Kenya Works provides sponsorship to vulnerable children in Kenya to open opportunities for children born into insurmountable circumstances. We believe all children should have the same opportunity to live a full life regardless of where they are born and recognize that education plays a critical role.

We partner with boarding schools and day schools throughout Kenya and also provide students with uniforms, nutrition and adult support as they rise up from the hardest of situations. 

Additionally, all of our students learn the value of leadership through community service by participating in the Kenya Works Scholars Forum. This curriculum guides students in independent learning as they create and implement a service project for their own community, and learn firsthand both the joy of helping others and the valuable leadership role they play in building brighter futures for their own communities.

Building & Infrastructure

We know that improving school facilities strengthens learning outcomes. Kenya Works partners with communities to build and improve environments where children will be safe, learn and thrive.

From an overcrowded, dirt floor, timber and iron sheeting preschool to this safe and welcoming preschool environment, Kotonje Preschool is but one example of how we are letting these beautiful children know they are worthy and belong in a beautiful and safe space for learning.


Kenya Works partners with Kenya-based community centers that serve individual needs of their communities. All the centers we partner with offer holistic services connecting multiple aspects of poverty eradication -- education, nourishment and psycho-social support -- so children are ready to learn when they are in school.