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Education Works
Paving Pathways
Out of Poverty


Nutrition fuels bodies so learners gain the most from their school years. We serve more than a million plates every year. 

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Building & Infrastructure

Classrooms, water tanks and teacher's quarters create foundations for learning.


Sponsorship opens education opportunities for children who might not otherwise have access. 

 The Path From Poverty is Built on Education.
Let's Pave the Way.


Nearly 60 percent of Kenyan school-aged children do not complete their basic education. Obstacles include the cost of school fees, uniforms and supplies; the lack of school buildings and teachers' quarters in remote regions, and the lack of nourishment that is still far too prevalent across the country.


Because education is a foundational element for eliminating poverty, and too many of these needs are still unmet, Kenya Works creates educational opportunities through sponsorshipsbuilding and infrastructure projects and feeding programs.


The Kenya Works sponsorship program links sponsors and students in multi-year partnerships to engage in cultural exchange, friendship and meaningful connections with a student in Kenya.


Feeding Programs


Providing nutrition at school is a proven strategy for increasing both school attendance and children's ability to learn. Kenya Works partners with several schools and Kenya-based community centers to provide school lunch and feeding programs for underserved children throughout Kenya, providing over a million plates of food each year.

Feeding Programs
Building & Infrastructure
Building & Infrastructure

From water tanks that serve as the foundation for a classroom to teachers' quarters that empower remote schools to safely house female teachers, Kenya Works partners with communities for innovative solutions to solve multi-faceted problems. 

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