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Primary Student: $300/annual

Please enter $300 for annual sponsorship payment for each primary student.

Secondary Student: $500/annual

Please enter $500 for annual sponsorship payment for each primary student.

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At the end of the eighth year of primary education, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) exam is taken and the results are used to determine placement at the secondary school level on a merit basis. In the Kenya educational system, there are three levels of secondary schools with different admission requirements. While Kenya introduced free primary education in 2003, secondary school is not free. The financial barrier for attending secondary school is the responsibility of the student’s family. Kenya Works knows education empowers and wanted to ease the financial barrier of school fees for the most vulnerable student and so, The Kenya Works Scholarship Programs were born.

We provide scholarships to orphaned and vulnerable children that range from $200 for day school and $500 for boarding. Scholarships are awarded based on the needs and challenges that the student faces as well as their commitment to their education. If you'd like to know more about the challenges these students face contact us. We support advancing education because we know that education is one of the prime mechanisms in escaping poverty.

Our scholarships provide boarding (if applicable), tuition, school materials, feeding program, and social support - which together lays a strong foundation for the future leaders of Kenya.


  • Tuition, school uniforms, fees and books

  • Feeding program (breakfast and lunch - often a child's only reliable daily meal)

  • Basic healthcare

  • Guardian resource assistance