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A Kenya Works Sponsored Student Shares His Story

Sylus Omondi

My name is Sylas Omondi, from Homabay County, Kenya. I'm one of the beneficiaries of the Kenya Works education sponsorship program. Currently, am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Science, Industrial Chemistry with Management, at Kenyatta University. Continuous support from Kenya Works has left some positive changes in my life. Paying my school fee, providing me with a lamp for studies, benefiting from food donation programs, just to mention a few; are some of the things that this great organization has done.

Giving me an opportunity to go to school is the most important thing. I can confidently say that Kenya Works has actually given me the key to success. From where I sit today, I foresee a brighter future for me. Am very grateful for this.

I can't forget to mention that, during Coronavirus Pandemic, our face-to-face learning program was affected. Kenyan Universities had to change to online programs. I, therefore, sought help from Kenya Works through Madam Julie. I received the laptop which is helping me up to now. The laptop will help greatly help me in my studies.

My conclusive message goes to the donors of this great organization. The organization has opened doors for many individuals in Kenya. School-going girls have equally benefited from this organization, including those who are not under the scholarship program. They have been provided with sanitary towels, a program that has resulted in an increase in enrollment of girls in both Primary and Secondary Schools. Your support for this program is highly appreciated. God bless Julie, God bless Kenya-Works.


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