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BETTER with BOOKS Matching Funds Campaign is on!

A generous donor has stepped up with $10,000 in matching funds to fill our new community library with books!

We are calling on our Kenya Works community to help us meet the challenge by raising the matching grant amount in the month of April!

Fill the shelves and increase LITERACY; create ACCESS TO BOOKS;  and provide space for COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and LIFE-LONG LEARNING.

The entire country of Kenya only has 64 national public libraries serving the population of 53 million people. Kajiado County where Kenya Works Community Center is located is home to 1.1 M people. There are ZERO public libraries!

Join us in this amazing opportunity to break the barriers and open access to the power of books in equalizing opportunities for all.



What’s better than a book? TWO BOOKS!

The challenge is on to raise $10,000 to fill the new Kenya Works Community Center’s library!

Double your donation to the BETTER with BOOKS campaign in April.

That’s double the investment in LITERACY, ACCESS to BOOKS and powering COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT that will be unleashed when the library opens its doors to the community.


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