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Kenya Works MHH Summit 2024: Our Flow Our Future

More than 100 individuals from more than 40 partner organizations joined Kenya Works at our MHH Summit 2024. Building sustainable, inclusive initiatives and amplifying the impact through collaboration.

The summit was a platform for discussions, presentations and partnership action that amplify sustainable & inclusive MHH access.  

The full-day event included expert panel discussions, storytelling sessions, guest speakers and group discussions around:

  • Education: sensitizing communities on matters surrounding menstruation.

  • De-stigmatization: breaking taboos and ending stigmatization associated with menstruation and reusable sanitary towels.

  • Sustainability and reusability: advocating for the benefits of reusable sanitary products as a Menstrual Health and Hygiene option.

  • Empowerment: encouraging innovation and research on reusable sanitary products.

  • Partnerships and collaborations: supporting the acceptance and widespread use of reusable sanitary products.

  • Inclusivity: breaking barriers and building alliances that include men and boys through MHH strategies that platform the voices and needs of vulnerable menstruators, including people with disabilities and refugees.


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