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Komitii Primary School is located in southern Kajiado County, a hot, parched area of Kenya. Nearby, the resplendent saltwater Lake Magadi shimmers, reflecting the harsh sun and harsher reality of water scarcity for communities who live above a salty water table in this semi-arid part of the globe.

One hundred and thirty children walk as many as 14 kilometers each way to attend school. Water scarcity has been a tremendous issue for them. Along with the need for water, the school's four classrooms contain students from preschool to class 8. Yes, four classrooms, for 130 students. This has caused classroom congestion as well as educational hurdles for the students and staff.

The great news is, a 115,000-Liter masonry water tank will now collect rainwater during the rainy season to supply the children and their families with water year-round. And, the large circular, windowed space that sits above is providing much-needed classroom space.

Watch the joy and celebration at the opening last month.

👇🏾👇🏼 Look below to read what the new 💦💧💧 tank and class space mean to the teachers, parents and most of all the students!!


"On behalf of the school and the community, we say thank you so much, to Kenya Works and the Margaret and Robert Walters Family Foundation for the gift of a tank to our community. The tank has been of great help especially during this time of drought. The pupils are now enjoying learning because they can cure their thirsty caused by the scorching sun. The School was facing a big challenge on infrastructure. The room above will help solve the congestion problem in our classrooms. The classroom is being used by pre-primary 2. We lack words to say enough thank you."

- Robert Mwathi,

Komitii Primary School Headteacher

"I say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great work of a water tank and classroom construction. Lack of clean drinking water was a major issue that has been resolved by Kenya Works now. As parents, you have relieved us of the great task of trying to raise money for classroom construction. We have been told over and over again that we need to raise money and construct a classroom but this is a solved issue now. Covid has affected us and raising that amount of money was next to impossible. We have tremendous JOY when we see a classroom now standing. I am as well happy to receive a jerrycan of drinking water from the school on a weekly basis which is such a relief for me as I don’t go for long kilometers in search of clean drinking water.

- Hellen Roitei,

a parent in Komitee Primary

My greatest JOY is that I do not have to carry a water jerrycan to school for cooking lunch every day. I am also learning in a cool classroom away from the scorching sun, where it’s easy to concentrate and remain in class the whole day. When we were on break, I missed going to school every day because I am proud of my beautiful classroom. Initially, I would go home at 1 pm, go fetch water for our domestic use and also for carrying to school the following day. Thank you so much Kenya works, I will forever be grateful.

- Titus Saruni,

Pupil at Komitii Primary School


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