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Today is #MenstrualHygieneDay.

Two out of every three Kenyan girls do not have access to safe, affordable menstrual hygiene products—an unthinkable obstacle for those who never had to put life on hold because of menstrual cycles.

Please join the urgent movement to ensure all girls have access to menstrual management products. We are challenging our community to join our MAKE IT MONTHLY CHALLENGE with a small MONTHLY DONATION of $8—the cost of a Kenya Works Makini Pad kit—to help us continue this vital effort every month of every year.

Makini Pads are reusable, eco-friendly pads made in Kenya. Each kit provides a girl with a full year of period protection. In addition to the pad kits, our social work team delivers puberty, menstrual management and self-esteem curriculum with pad deliveries, reaching 25,000 Kenyan girls every year.

Don't let menstrual cycles keep girls in the cycle of poverty! Your monthly donation helps ensure that we remain vigilant in breaking down barriers and propelling girls to the futures they were made for!


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