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Water is Everything

Access to clean water is not easy in Kenya. The majority of households in the slum settlements do not have running water. It’s purchased from water stations and carried home in 20-liter (5-gallon) plastic jerry cans.

At our center Miale ya Tumaini, we struck it rich last week and now have an abundant water source not only for the children at the center but also for the community.

It was a time-consuming process. After raising the funds to bring water to the center, we ran into a short delay waiting to file permits once the newly-elected government was sworn in. With permits in hand, hydrological studies soon followed, then bid requests. We selected a women-owned business as our contractor and were so grateful for their partnership. The initial drill site hit hard rock and the continued drilling made the surrounding rock bed unstable. The contractors were in it for the long haul, even pitching a tent on-site to extend the work day. A second drill location was established and a new round of drilling began. After two months of studies, planning and hard labor, the result is water! And pure joy!


Securing Futures through Heart and Home

Kenya Works shelter Miale ya Tumaini was born out of a passion to ensure no child goes to bed hungry, serving up self-esteem with every plate of food. Today the Center has grown to house children needing shelter, modeling the best of home and heart. Social workers engage with families to address child welfare issues and attempt family reintegration. Residents and the surrounding community are supported with nutrition, education and psycho-social services to help children build hopeful futures.



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