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Transform A Person Africa - TAPA

Transform A Person Africa (TAPA) is a preschool found in Kibera, the second largest slum in Africa. It is a joyful place where children feel safe and loved. When they leave the school to continue their primary education, dinner, uniforms and tutoring support is offered so they always remain a part of the TAPA family.

TAPA continues to deal with the needs of the community by providing a safe place for children to thrive.  They generate income by well wishers, greeting card sales and school uniform orders that combined support 50% of TAPA’s operating budget. Kenya Works, through generous donor support helps subsidize the material costs for the uniform production which translates into hope for the children of Kibera.

TAPA has just increased their footprint in the slum of Kibera, with the addition of their new site, gifted in trust, after an organization poorly managed the school. Now the work begins as TAPA improves the site environment while improving the lives of the children they touch. The TAPA school motto, "Linking children to their potential," and the Kenya Works motto, "Partnering with communities, expanding opportunities," are supporting initiatives that together, are bringing communities the tools to forge lives of dignity and hope.

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