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Makini Pad Initiative

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About the Makini Pad Initiative

Kenya Works Makini Initiative (Makini means “dignity” in Swahili) is a project that is helping girls to stay in school to reach their full potential. More than sixty-five percent of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads. Limited access to safe, affordable and appropriate methods for dealing with menstruation has far-reaching implications for the physical, social and mental well-being of many adolescent girls and women in Kenya. The Makini Initiative provides education on puberty, self-esteem and HIV/AIDS, along with eco-friendly, reusable sanitary pads and panties for each girl and woman.

Through a partnership between VICODEC and Kenya Works, we are now producing our own superior, eco-friendly pad to address this essential need for girls and women in Kenya. We are helping girls to stay in school to reach their full potential. This collaboration with Kenya Works has enabled VICODEC to develop a strong income-generating activity that provides job security for the production staff. One more way we are working to empower women in Kenya.

The Kenya Works motto is “Partnering with communities, expanding opportunities.” The communities involved in the Makini Initiative are primary and secondary school girls as well as women’s groups in Kenya. Expanded opportunities are being realized through continuous education made possible with the availability and understanding of proper hygiene products and menstrual management. The considerable increase in self-confidence and school participation all translate into empowerment of the girls and women involved in the program.

In 2017, Makini Pads were distributed to over 15,000 young girls and women in Kenya. Our goal for 2018 is 20,000. We are committed to increasing our footprint with the Makini Pad Initiative and ask for your support for this important program, empowering women to honor themselves, their bodies and their futures.

A map of some of the areas and schools where Makini Pads have been distributed.

Please direct inquiries to:
Caroline Wanjiru Gitau
Kenya Works Project Coordinator
Email: caroline@kenyaworks.org
Phone: + 254 720 783616

Each school receives a Makini-Pad instructional manual, evaluation form, school-participation agreement, and a Makini Pad Purse for each girl. 

Each girl receives a Makini Pad Purse, containing 8 sanitary pads, 2 leak-proof winged holders, 2 bags to securely store soiled pads and a Use and Care sheet. 

The lives of so many girls and young women are being transformed through the Kenya Works Makini Initiative. The Makini Pad, made in Kenya by Kenyans, improves menstrual management, builds dignity, and provides education continuity.

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