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2022 School Term Begins Next Week

Monday is the beginning of the 2022 school year in Kenya—it’s a great time to become a student sponsor! Listen to Jennifer’s story about the power of education in her life.

Kenya Works’ student sponsorship program opens opportunity for children in poverty to attend school by covering the costs of:

  • School Fees

  • Uniforms

  • Meals

  • Room and Board (secondary students)

  • School Supplies

  • Social Services Case Management for student and family

  • Community Service Project (secondary students)

The program also encourages connection between students and sponsors, creating cultural exchange, friendship and deeper connections as students move through the education system.

Primary school sponsorship at VICODEC is $300 per student for a year; Secondary school sponsorship is $500 per student for a year. “It costs so little to give so much. How could I not sponsor a student?” one Kenya Works sponsor said.

Learn more about sponsoring a student now.


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