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How do Kenya Works students give back to their communities?

Last week a group of students and staff from Kenya Works and VICODEC joined forces with Consumer Grassroots Association to continue the cleanup of the Mbagathi River area.

The River Mgbati Clean Up Project began in 2020 when students organized to plant trees to help reduce water runoff on the river bank.

Kenya Works teaches students community participation and pride through our 'Pay it Forward' projects. All secondary students develop and participate in service efforts in their communities during school breaks. Caring for the environment and giving back to their communities empowers students through stewardship and the knowledge that they have the power to change the world--especially when we work together.

Learn more about our sponsorship program. We accept sponsors at any time of the year and always have students to match sponsors with.

Here are scenes from a productive and uplifting day that benefits the entire area.


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