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Inspiring Communities to End FGM From Within

Zero Tolerance from the Ground Up

February 6 was ZERO TOLERANCE for FGM Day.

Kenya Works was on the ground in Musenke, leading the community to a new understanding of the harmful effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

  • FGM is widely practiced as an initiation to indicate a girl is ready for marriage, often around age 11

  • FGM and child marriage almost always keep a girl from completing her education and lead to early motherhood

  • The long-term economic impact hurts girls, families and communities

  • There is no medical benefit to FGM and the practice introduces many long-term health risks

  • It is primarily done by nonprofessional practitioners, in unsterile environments

Kenya Works enters a community like Musenke with the support of a leader and a spark of willingness from within to change their cultural practices.

Together, they build coalitions of men, women, boys and girls creating unity and self-declarations to eliminate the practice from within.

When girls and boys raise their voices against human rights violations, they change our world.


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