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June 2021 | DAY of the AFRICAN CHILD

Collaboration to Accelerate Children's Rights

The Day of the African Child (DAC) has been celebrated on June 16 since it was chartered in 1991 to commemorate those killed during the Soweto Uprising in South Africa in 1976 when students marched for their right to an education. The DAC celebrates the children of Africa and calls for serious introspection and commitment toward addressing the numerous challenges facing children across the continent.

DAC has become a day of action across Africa and throughout member countries. Five years ago, the African Union (AU) adopted “Agenda 2040: Fostering an Africa fit for children” in advance of DAC 2016. This year DAC's rallying cry centers on accelerating the 2040 agenda through 10 Aspirations.

To make aspirations turn into action on the ground, Kenya Works united with fellow members of the Ongata Rongai Children Protection Network (ORCPN)a regional network that consists of representatives from social service agencies across community-based organizations, schools and churches, non-governmental organizations and government agenciesfor a workshop and planning session to build capacity and collective action toward the 2021 DAC 10 Aspirations set by the African Union to accelerate Agenda 2040.

Child protection is a collaborative process in any country. In developing nations, it is often a tangle of grassroots groups without a cohesive wrapper of regional, case-based, child-centered insight. Such was the case in Kenya prior to establishing the ORCPN. Kenya Works has helped ignite the possibilities for what agencies can accomplish through collaboration. Through the ORCPN, the most densely populated area of the country now has a comprehensive approach to case management. When an organization is handling a child's case, it is now possible to arrange for food, education, shelter, medical and other services within a common network. Member organizations avoid duplication of services; ensure a child's needs are fully met; have a clear referral path for services outside of their organization; and work together on advocating for rights such as with DAC and other international celebrations.

"Because of the Ongata Rongai Children Protection Network, the community is learning the importance of children's rights—for every child to have nutrition, safety, shelter, school. Now the various organizations in Rongai know what their counterparts are doing, and have a clear path to access services for children in their care. We are able to put our efforts and resources where it matters most. We are building our capacity as individuals, as organizations, as a community, a country, a continent and our world. Indeed, we are better together."

Rev. Stephen Mwaniki

Network Deputy Chair

The Day of the African Child is a day of awareness and action to change children's lives across Africa. It takes the full calendar to deliver on that promise. And it really does take a village to raise a child. Kenya Works' collaboration extends from donors around the globe, to networks throughout the region, to a dedicated team on the ground that touches tens of thousands of lives every year. Your continued support makes that happen.


10 Aspirations to Accelerate Agenda 2040 for an Africa Fit for Children

Aspiration 1: The African Children’s Charter provides an effective continental framework for advancing children’s rights Aspiration 2: An effective child-friendly national legislative, policy and institutional framework is in place in all Member States Aspiration 3: Every child’s birth and other vital statistics are registered Aspiration 4: Every child survives and has a healthy childhood Aspiration 5: Every child grows up well-nourished and with access to the basic necessities of life Aspiration 6: Every child benefits fully from quality education Aspiration 7: Every child is protected against violence, exploitation, neglect and abuse Aspiration 8: Children benefit from a child-sensitive criminal system Aspiration 9: Every child is free from the impact of armed conflicts and other disasters or emergency situations Aspiration 10: African children’s views matter


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