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Strategic Planning: Inspiration into Impact on the Ground

Our team works tirelessly to improve lives every day, dealing with critical needs on the immediate horizon. They also know how important it is to shift focus from the immediate to plan for the future.

Earlier this month, they gathered as innovators and collaborators to strategize on mission delivery. The room was full of energy, with everyone participating.

The result? A powerful set of actionable goals has taken shape for the coming year.

Below are some inside-the-room comments and photos that summarize the day.


the power of


Together we are empowering vulnerable children and families to overcome poverty and fight for human rights in Kenya.

Our pillars are built on the proven interventions of:

Food and Shelter | Menstrual Health & Hygiene

Education | Community-based Human Rights Training

You power us!

You are part of the global movement to end poverty! We depend on your financial support, social media engagement, fundraising and passion for sharing this work with your friends.

Thanks for all you do!


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