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Sweet Dreams Friend-Raiser at 85% of Goal!

We have six days left in the $20K/20 Days Friend-Raiser event to provide bedding and beds for the new Miale ya Tumaini Child Protection Center location!

The Kenya Works community is showing up for the Sweet Dreams Friend-Raiser! Together, the community has raised $17,623—over 88 percent of the $20,000 goal—from more than 50 donors. Multiple individuals and groups have organized their own friend-raiser campaigns, expanding the circle of giving with new friends. This is an amazing accomplishment in just two weeks.

The countdown to the finish line is now on with six days left to make the goal and fully furnish the new rescue center dorms with 150 new beds, mattresses and linens.

It takes so little to do so much good for children overcoming the worst deprivations people face in the impoverished slums that surround Nairobi. Our expanding center is opening at a beautiful location offering even greater dignity, opportunity and hope.


Van-Tastic Generosity Moves Children & Staff of Miale ya Tumaini

During a recent visit to Kenya with a group from U.S. Venture, Bill Ryan visited Kenya Works’ child protection center Miale ya Tumaini. “I had the opportunity to visit the center and see first-hand how it is serving the children of the Kware community outside of Nairobi,” Bill said. “I was struck by the pure loving joy of kids who by all worldly standards are the poorest of the poor.”

“The reason for their joy was apparent–here, they have hope,” Bill said. “Each child had a different reason for needing the shelter’s security, but all shared a common reality. If not for the center they probably would not have a bright future,” he noted. Moved to learn how he could help, Bill asked Director Diana Wambui what some of the center’s critical unmet needs were. At the top of her list: reliable group transportation. Queried on why the need was critical Diana explained, “when we learn of a child in need, we may have only minutes to act and reach the child’s location to have a hope of rescue. Without a vehicle, we are at the mercy of undependable and sometimes dangerous public transportation,” she said. “Family tracing, home visits and reintegrating children safely with family is an important part of the work we do. Without a vehicle, we spend countless hours planning travel and arranging for hired drivers. Additionally, We are providing a home environment for hundreds of children every year. That means taking children to important appointments, doing group activities and transporting children to visit grandparents during school breaks. It is a very big challenge without our own vehicle,” she added. “In that moment, I knew I needed to share this with my family back home,” Bill said.

Within weeks of Bill’s return to Appleton, WI, a sparkling silver transport van pulled up to the gates of Miale ya Tumaini half a world away, overflowing with the Ryan Family’s love and generosity.

For the children, the van represented something even greater than transport, as captured by one child’s reaction:

“I am just grateful! I love everything about the new van! I love how it looks. I love how it moves. I love that it was bought for us with so much love! Did one family buy it by themselves—this family must love us so much. I want to love that way.”

More Van-Tastic Reactions from Children & Staff at Miale ya Tumaini

The new van is so pretty, comfortable and large it even smells nice; we call it our ‘plane.’

Its exciting to think about all the things we will get to do with the new van. Go on an educational trip. Like that time we went to The National Park and saw many animals. It was great! I had never seen such a huge lion before.

We have a pick-up truck which has served us well, but sometimes it turns off suddenly when we are out buying water or picking food. The big boys are very helpful when that happens and they help get it moving again, but imagine how nice it will be to not worry about our new van suddenly going off in the middle of the road.

I was privileged to join in for a hospital visit and the special children have all been so happy since being ferried to and from hospital in the new van.

I like that now my special needs brothers and sisters can join us in church. We were so excited to ride home from church in the van last Sunday.

Our new van makes me so happy because now we can now help children from many places because we can get to them and we have a lot of space.

I just came back from a van ride; it is so comfortable and nice and I am excited for my brothers and sisters who will get to go home during the holidays using the van.

When I saw the van I was so excited! I ran so fast so I could be the first one inside.

Oh and the lights!! I just love how it glows on the inside it looks bright even at night. I can’t wait to ride in it again soon.

I was shocked at first because I had just come from boarding school. When it passed I felt proud and happy. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about our new van.

I saw the new van and I was excited because I like drawing and I would like to draw it in my sketchbook.

Maybe I might be able to draw a few of my brothers and sisters enjoying the van. It gives me hope that when I close school I shall visit my grandfather and maybe spend more days there, and I know it will come for me.

What can I say the van has been such a happy surprise and I have accompanied the driver on a few trips and I must say it feels great. You can hardly tell it’s moving. Every trip has been very smooth. I think that is how it feels like in an aeroplane, it makes me soo happy that it belongs here to us.


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